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3 Strategies to Maximize Your Fishing & Paddlesports Trade Show ROI

Step-by-step guide to help you prepare for your next boating or fishing trade show event. Learn how to do it right and maximize your ROI.

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By TJ Rogers on September 17, 2018

How We Helped a Boat Company Renovate its Brand and Grow Sales

You build high-quality, well-crafted boats. But your sales are down. Learn how to elevate your branding to increase profit and attract buyers.

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By Jay Rieckmann on September 13, 2018

Social Proof as Your Next Marketing Tactic

Your customers’ stories are your best sales tool. Learn how to use social proof as part of a strong marketing plan for your boating business.

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By Jay Rieckmann on September 3, 2018

Want to Connect with Customers & Convert Fans? Build a Content Library.

Investing the time, energy and budget into strong copy, video and photography will connect your boating brand to your customers and convert sales.

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By Jay Rieckmann on August 27, 2018

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Your Best Boating Sales Weapon: Custom Website Content

By telling the story of your brand’s heritage and boating lifestyle, you you’ll attract and engage the attention of prospective customers researching online.

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By Jay Rieckmann on August 21, 2018

Make Instagram Your Boating Company’s Key Social Platform

The visual nature of Instagram and the social network’s demographics are ideal for marketing your boating brand. Learn the best practices for easy sharing.

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By Marcus Burnette on August 14, 2018