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Make Instagram Your Boating Company’s Key Social Platform

The visual nature of Instagram and the social network’s demographics are ideal for marketing your boating brand. Learn the best practices for easy sharing.

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By Marcus Burnette on August 14, 2018

Using the Right Language to Connect with Fishing & Paddlesports Enthusiasts

Is your brand speaking the same language as your customers’? Your tone, terminology, and messaging should align with avid sportsmen and novices alike.

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By Susan Rieckmann on August 9, 2018

Support Your Killer Products with Great Branding

In the crowded water sports market, your brand needs to be different. Learn how to polish your image and use authentic storytelling to succeed.

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By Marcus Burnette on July 24, 2018

How to Plan & Spend for Your 4 Key Marketing Seasons

Your sport may have an offseason, but your marketing shouldn’t. Learn how to effectively plan for the year and where to spend your marketing dollars.

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By Jay Rieckmann on July 18, 2018

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An Expert Approach to Performing a Brand Audit in the Boating World

Performing a brand audit builds an understanding of how effectively your visual brand is working as a cohesive unit. Learn what that process looks like.

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By Jay Rieckmann on July 11, 2018

Every Boat Manufacturer’s Website Should Have a Pricing Tool

Here are three key reasons why you need a pricing tool on your boat website, and how to get started building it now.

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By Marcus Burnette on April 20, 2018