Introducing Thrive for Guides: Website & Marketing Services for Fishing Charters & Guides

August 23, 2019

This week, Thrive is thrilled to announce the launch of our newest service offering – Thrive for Guides!

Thrive for Guides is our integrated approach to providing fishing charter businesses and guides with the website, marketing and creative services their businesses deserve but have scarcely been available to them. We’ve taken our 25 years as an agency, and distilled a subset of our creative services to that which really make sense for charter businesses. And we’ve done it in an affordable way.

No longer do charter businesses and fishing guides have to rely on local “web designers” or other creative/marketing service providers who don’t really understand charter businesses or their clientele. Our Team has strategically created just the right mix of creative & marketing services to provide complete, turn-key solutions for guides that includes everything they need to book more charters yet aren’t bloated with features they don’t need.

It All Starts With Assessing What’s Currently Working & What Isn’t

Thrive for Guides kicks off with gaining an understanding of what marketing is currently taking place, what branding elements exist and how the live website is performing. We do this by performing an abbreviated “brand & website audit” and provide experience-based feedback on what’s working and what’s falling short.

As part of our integrated approach, we’re also concerned with how the different marketing elements work in-concert to form a cohesive brand and marketing strategy.

From our discovery work, we’re able to clearly define for the Captain or Guide exactly what needs to be addressed, which of our packages make the most sense for their situation or if a customized approach might be the way to go.

Key Marketing Tools of Thrive for Guides

1) Fishing Charter & Guide Websites that Generate More Bookings

It’s not enough today to “just” have a website. Every charter business or fishing guide shouldn’t just be concerned with having an online presence, but having a website that attracts potential clients, engages them and converts them to bookings.

As we’re firm believers that any charter or fishing guide’s website is the heartbeat of their marketing mix, we’ve developed very specific criteria for the key elements that must be present in their websites to succeed. We compliment this criteria with top-notch creative and visual solutions to develop websites that succeed.

Some of the key features of a Thrive for Guides website includes:

  • Custom design, branding & theming
  • Optional online booking engine/calendar
  • Fishing reports & blog
  • Aggregated customer reviews
  • Strategically placed calls-to-actions (CTAs) to drive conversion
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) services
  • Content strategy & copywriting
  • Imagery that inspires action & engagement
  • PPC & digital advertising as an optional service

Of course there’s a good amount of secret sauce that goes into each and every one of our websites, but we protect those just like you protect your GPS coordinates! 😉

2) Branding & Marketing Collateral That Makes Sense

While we’re firm believers in the power of digital marketing, we also understand that there’s still a place for traditional advertising and marketing collateral and leverage that to our benefit. We’ve included in our Thrive for Guides service offering key collateral options that truly make sense for charters and guides. And at the end of the day, their actually quite simplistic pieces but can really pack a punch:

  • Logo design & development
  • Business card design
  • Rack cards and simple brochureware
  • Thank you cards
  • Print ads (when they make sense)

3) Reporting, Analytics & On-going Consulting

Cultivation of any marketing strategy is just as important as the design of the website, marketing collateral or placement of digital advertising. This is exactly why we’ve included reporting, analytics & on-going consulting in our Thrive for Guides program.

We know from years of experience that our Clients are simply more successful when we remain engaged with them. As a key service for Thrive for Guides, we offer different levels of involvement that can include monthly analytics reporting, customized reports and on-going consulting. We help our Clients adjust their marketing over the course of the year to become more and more effective. And this leads to more bookings and more time spent on the water.

Ready to get started with Thrive for Guides? Learn more about our charter marketing services here.

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