When was the last time you were able to take a step back from the brand you created and get a 1,000-foot perspective of how your visuals and messaging are working together? We’re guessing it has been a while.

And that’s completely understandable – with the sheer number of to-do items on your already-overloaded marketing schedule, taking a “time out” to assess the continuity of your visual brand and messaging might not be high on your priority list. Or maybe you’ve never considered that you should periodically check the temperature of your branding and marketing efforts.

But you’re missing out here. Big time. Because there are a number of benefits to performing an internal brand audit or engaging an expert third-party to perform an unbiased, experience-based audit on your behalf. You’ll uncover inconsistencies in your visuals and messaging that when remedied help to propel your business to places you’ve not yet been able to reach.

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