Print Design for fishing guides, charter businesses, fishing and marine brands and lodges

Websites are great, (and we’re pretty awesome at designing those BTW) but print is not dead. In fact, print design and collateral is still alive and well in the outdoor industries. And we’re thankful for that!

There’s still nothing like pouring over the latest fishing or boating magazine, the brochure for the skiff you’re just dying to own or the lodge brochure you keep on your desk at work. And on the trade show floor, imagine your sales reps not having a single printed piece to refer to or catalogs to provide buyers with. It just doesn’t work.

We’ve been designing and producing traditional marketing collateral since 1990-something and in that time we’ve learned a thing or two. From the most simple direct-mail piece to highly complex catalogs and brochures…we’ve seen it all and then some.

“56% of customers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy type of marketing.


Identity Packages

Your business card & identity package, may seem like a minor detail. But you shouldn’t overlook their importance! If you’ve ever swapped cards with a peer and were immediately struck with envy, you what we mean. You’ve got to have a business card that folks want to keep, not toss…and that’s where we come in.

Marketing Collateral & Catalogs

Product brochures, cut sheets and catalogs are all still alive and well in the outdoor industries. In fact, if you don’t have really great looking print materials, you’re likely missing some huge opportunities. Our team just happens to be exceptional at designing and executing print collateral of all types and can handle the process from ideation to delivery of printed materials.

Package Design

The right package design can make or break the presentation of your outdoor products. Whether it’s to attract attention in crowded retailers or to create the perfect delivery presentation to your customers, your product packaging has to look spectacular.


Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps make a statement. Whether you’re a fishing guide or a large, established outdoor brand…a well-designed vehicle wrap makes a memorable statement. From the actual design to working with installers, we’ll turn your vehicle into a marketing machine.

Ad Campaigns

For many fishing and marine brands, advertising in niche publications is a must. Whether you’re looking to place a series of full-page ads in the hottest fishing magazine or you’re creating digital ads for Instagram, we’ll craft clean, evocative ads that demand attention.


Trade Show & Point-of-Purchase

You have to look great on show day! You have to. And it doesn’t matter if your brand needs a simple 10’x10′ pop-up display or a 40’x40′ behemoth – you can still be a show stopper. Same with point-of-purchase displays. You have to demand attention. We’re well-versed in all things trade show and have the team to make you stand out on the show floor.