Our Process: WAYPOINT

WAYPOINT a Brand Destination Model

From start to finish, Thrive will help to craft and execute a marketing strategy, for your company, which best tells your unique story and promotes your products and services to your customers. Through WAYPOINT we’ll navigate the process of discovery, creation, deployment and most importantly cultivation.

WAYPOINT diagram

We’ll help you refine what makes your products the best of their kind and align them with the right buyer. Using our process, we’ll create and execute a strategy to help you grow your brand and thrive.


WAYPOINT, kicks off with a comprehensive brand audit. The purpose of the brand audit is to provide a detailed, documented process for reviewing the current state of your company’s brand. Over the course of this process, we will be gathering an inventory of all current brand components – which will be analyzed to form experience-based opinions on the current state of your brand, from color to tone to identifying missing elements.

In addition, performing the brand audit helps our agency get to know your business, understand where your brand is and where you’d like it to go. It’s a critical step in us becoming familiar with your current status and being able to effectively move your marketing forward.

Once the brand audit has been completed, an accurate diagnosis can be made about the state of your brand, paving the way for a proper prescription of what is needed as “next steps” to ensure the health and vitality of your brand and the development of a strategic action plan.


The fun part. Once an action plan has been agreed upon, Thrive will utilize information from the Discover phase to begin addressing the most pressing elements of your brand’s refresh. This includes developing new creative direction, polishing existing brand elements and producing collateral and digital assets identified in the action plan.


For each project worked on during the “Create” phase of our process there is a time to deploy the results of those efforts. Whether the launch of a new website, the introduction of a refreshed logo or the running of an ad campaign… deployment is about the introduction of those efforts to your audience. We like to think of launching each effort as a phase of its own, as we’re sticklers for detail and this phase allows us one more round of testing, one more set of eyes and one final approval before an effort is made “live”.


The Cultivate phase is arguably the most important stage in our WAYPOINT process. Rather than being considered the “final” stage in our process, we like to think of the cultivation phase as a means of ensuring our and your success.

Cultivation, by definition, isn’t an end…but a stage of nurturing and growth.

During this phase of each project and the branding/marketing as a whole, we’ll collect and interpret tracked data to measure (and report to you) the success of each campaign and what might need adjustment. From there we’ll implement any agreed upon changes and re-deploy.

In addition, just like you – we’re always looking for new opportunities for your brand. As those are uncovered, we’ll discuss with you and make plans for their creation, deployment and cultivation.