As an outdoor brand — whether you’re a boat builder, line of fishing apparel or kayak company — you need to sell more than just the products you produce. In fact, you’re promoting the outdoor lifestyle and how your customers perceive themselves participating in it just as much as your actual product line.

The vast majority of enthusiasts aren’t only seeking out products that look great, function well and feel good — they’re also looking to align themselves with brands that make them feel a part of something bigger. Part of a community of like-minded individuals.

As owners and marketers of brands in the outdoor space, pushing your products through marketing campaigns isn’t enough. In truth, your job just isn’t quite that easy…because you need to be building and fostering a community around your brand. One that attracts the right customers and keeps them engaged in the lifestyle that supports your business.

Typically when we think of marketing and community in the same train of thought, social media immediately comes to mind. However, your website provides a number of community-building opportunities if you leverage it properly. Here are our tips for building and fostering a community through your website.

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