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Written by Susan Rieckmann on June 20, 2013

Your Brand is More Than Just Its Logo

Did you know that since 1990 big businesses eliminated 4 million jobs? Sounds about right to me but what surprised me is that small businesses have added 8 million jobs in that time.

That’s right, the little guy is standing up to the big box giants. 23 million small businesses make up 54% of U.S. sales. That’s impressive.

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Written by Marcus Burnette on May 31, 2013

When To Use Stock Photography and When to Go Pro

We live in a fast paced world. I’m sure this isn’t new information to you. We process what we need to and the rest falls by the wayside. Because so much can be said with the right photo, we often rely on photography to get the point across at a speed that words just can’t.

When selecting imagery for a project, you only have a few choices: you can shop for stock photography, you can take your own photos, or you can hire a professional photographer. In this article, take a look at the pros and cons of each so you can decide when to use stock images, and when to go pro.

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Written by Jay Rieckmann on April 19, 2013

The Psychology of Web Design

Like to learn more about the psychology of website design? This article touches on how elements of your website effect your users’ behavior.

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Written by Susan Rieckmann on March 23, 2013

Make Social Media a Priority

Social media has become an effective way for businesses to promote their companies. Social media marketing does not simply mean creating a Facebook or Twitter page and then never touching it again, it means creating a Facebook or Twitter page and keeping up with it on a day-to-day, or weekly basis. In this article I will discuss the key factors to a company successfully utilizing social media pages.

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Written by Jay Rieckmann on February 8, 2013

Get More Readers with SEO for Blog Articles

The idea that content is king and that every company that has a website (if you don’t, call us immediately;) should adopt and implement an online content strategy is nothing new. At last check, doing a Google search for “content strategy” returned some 97+ million page results. In other words, lots (and lots) has been said and will be written of the importance of content strategy and how it relates to organic search results (the free listings at any given search engine).

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Written by Marcus Burnette on July 13, 2011

Justify the Cost of Logo Design with the Value of Your Brand

So, what does a logo design cost and how is that justified through the value the logo design brings to your brand? FliteHaus has been designing and developing logos for clients since we opened our Orlando advertising agency in 1994. Read on to better understand the cost/value relationship in logo design.

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