With the popularity of blogging, social media and other forms of inbound marketing, we’re often asked if blogging is effective for the outdoor industries. The first question I ask is “Do your customers and prospects have questions they’d like answers to?” As any outdoorsman knows, we often have far more questions than answers when it comes to our outdoor pursuits.

If you think about blogging from the perspective of answering the questions that your target audience (or “personas”) would typically ask, but doing it in long form, then you should know that those answers will help attract those folks to your company. This happens when you socially share and post this content to your website (through organic SEO).

Blog Articles Provide Socially Shareable Content

A big component in today’s inbound marketing mix is social media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, the list goes on… And consistently coming up with compelling posts for your social channels can, at times, become elusive. That’s where blog content comes in…..

Each blog article you write for your website becomes a valuable piece of content to share across your social channels. In the case of Twitter, a single blog article can easily be the subject of multiple posts – spread over time.

And the great part of sharing blog articles and links via your social channels is two-fold:

  • Driving traffic to your website via links
  • Creating topics of discussion to further engage your audience

Blogging Creates Fuel for Organic Search Engine Optimization

Driving additional, qualified traffic to your website obviously isn’t a bad thing, either. In fact, it’s something we get asked about in just about every digital marketing meeting we attend.

Writing concise blog articles, which answer the questions your customers and prospects have about your products and outdoor pursuits can do just that!

Search engines (read: Google) continually look for fresh content to boost in their search results. And blog articles are one way for you to add new content to your website on a regular basis.

By adding fresh blog content to your website, you have the opportunity for prospects to find your articles – and therefore your site – when they search. And users often perform searches in “question form”, so by answering the questions they’re asking, you have the best chance of capturing their visit.

Did This Article Get Your Attention?

Did I get your attention? If you’ve read this far, chances are you found this article on social media, by performing a Google search or by receiving one of our email “newsletters”. And if you’re even remotely affiliated with the outdoor industries, then this piece is doing its job: answering the questions our audience has. Think about it……

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