Striving to lure the perfect customer takes some creative chumming of the water, but once you’ve got an established brand, you will reap the rewards with new customers that become lifelong supporters. Reeling in your perfect brand is the best place to start.

Your Brand

Whether you have a new or established business, it’s important to understand that your brand is vitally important. A great brand is similar to the traditional handshake that most value and appreciate. Building your brand does not need to be difficult as long as you are what you represent. Start with building on these four simple elements to build your brand.

1. Logo

Remember that your logo is the visual image that represents your company. Take Shimano, rated the top fishing rod brand in 2015. It has gained huge success because of their consistent quality and performance, but the brand itself has stood the test of time with a logo that is strong, recognizable and not overstated.

shimano logo

Regardless of whether you are developing a new logo or refreshing an old one, focus on who you are and what you will be for the long haul.

2. Print and Release

Printed material is still very important and necessary for outdoor companies. From the traditional printing jobs to special projects like hats or t-shirts, door signs, event posters and even give away items, brand consistency is vital. Experienced agencies know how to build your brand and you can relax knowing that your bases are covered.

3. Website

When it comes to your website, remember, the targeted customers are looking to the internet to search online to learn something new, validate a thought and even to make purchases. With a strong brand, you can lure new and repeat customers to your website by offering answers, services, and products. It is very important to remember that your website must be responsive! This means that your website should be able to adapt to the customer’s technology. This technology ranges from smart phones, tablets, large screen personal computers and now wrist watches. If your website is not responsive, you need to jump onboard now! (Google even announced in April of 2015 that they will penalize websites that are not responsive.)

Like it or not, most of your customers are using social media messaging, blogging, and of course, website marketing.

4. Social Lures

Social media is truly the most interactive form of branding today. Connecting with your customers socially opens the door for them sharing your products, boosting your brand in ways that can build a whole new group of targeted customers that you didn’t know existed. Outdoor industries have a huge advantage when using social media because your company’s followers/friends/supporters are more likely to share their fun times socially. If you’re starting from scratch, don’t be overwhelmed. A good creative agency can help get you started and guide you.

You are the Expert

In all seriousness, you are the expert in your field and you wouldn’t want a mechanic recommending a rod and reel on your behalf, so when it comes to your brand, find an expert to formulate the strategy for you! By taking action to building your brand by using an experienced company, and the process is much easier for you. Bottom line, you’ll convert the fishing to catching!

Thrive Creative Labs is a specialty agency serving those companies that work in the outdoor industry including Fishing, Marine, Traveling and Action Sports.

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