Instagram is fantastic. Every time you open the app, you’ll find inspiration, humor, something to think about, and various forms of eye candy. This isn’t a sales pitch for Instagram, but if you don’t have it on your phone (or iPad) already, now’s the time!

Here are a few outdoor accounts you can follow to get you started:

The Outbound @theoutbound

This San Francisco-based adventure website/gear shop provides a wealth of information for great outdoor destinations, including locations, photos, and hikers’ journals. Their Instagram feed is chock-full of beautiful hiking destinations.

the outbound instagram

Wilderness Culture @wilderness_culture

Wilderness Culture embodies what it means to be an adventurer. Their larger-than-life photography really shows off some of the amazing places you can hike, camp, or explore.

wilderness culture instagram

Discover Earth @discoverearth

While it’s not strictly an outdoor/adventure-themed account, Discover Earth has some of the most amazing shots of our world that we’ve seen anywhere. At any given moment, these folks will serve up the perfect photo to make you wonder at the beauty of our planet.

discoverearth instagram

The Clymb @theclymb

This Portland gear shop and adventure story site shows us just how to merge beautiful imagery and outdoor advertising into one account. Their photography is so pretty that we don’t even mind the occasional sales nudge. (Man, you should see their marketing emails!)

the clymb instagram

Wilderness Collective @wilderness

Wilderness Collective is a new one for us as well, but they’ve got some stunning photos. These guided adventure trips really make us want to drop everything and get outside!

wilderness collective instagram

Go check them out!

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