So, you’ve created your company.  It’s taken a ton of hard work and probably cost you a pretty penny to finally pull it all together.  The next goal:  Stellar Success!  Right?  In order to do that you need to create a strong, recognizable brand and position it in the face of your target audience.

But, what does brand mean and what does it mean to your company? EVERYTHING.

Your brand is so much more than your logo. It’s the whole package of how you want your company to be perceived. Your company’s personality. It’s not just about what you sell or the services you offer, but who you sell to, how you do business, why you do what you do.

How do you communicate all that? Through your people, your logo, your printed collateral and most importantly – your website and content strategy. Yes, I said it – most importantly (especially if you don’t have a brick and mortar type business). Don’t believe me? Read this article by Jay.

So if your website is so important why wouldn’t you invest in a site that is going to work for you?

It’s Not Just About a Pretty Home Page

The internet is the most direct source potential clients have for finding your business and what they find often determines if they will use your services or not. It is essential to have an online brand that is cohesive with your printed deliverables and offers your potential buyers easy access to available information about your products and services.

The design, strategy and usability of your website is crucial to the overall success of your on-line brand and company as a whole.

A great marketing and advertising agency, like FliteHaus Creative Agency, should spend the time and get to know you before building your website. They should know what you want your brand to accomplish and what the future direction of the brand is, what your message is and the unique value your company brings to the table. They should understand what sets you apart from your competition and who the brand is speaking to and how to convey your message to your customers. There is inherent value in understanding your company and having the commitment to build your business. This is the base of developing a marketing strategy NOT just a pretty website.

Sure you could get your neighbor’s kid (or your nephew for that matter) to build you a site cheaply. But what good is your site if you can’t make changes or update it easily ? How does it help you if no one can find your site when they conduct an organic search? Do you understand what keyword research or search engine marketing is? Maybe, maybe not, but it is our job to know how to handle everything from page titles to site performance and your content – all-of-which helps to make sure your website attracts visitors and qualified leads to your business.

When developing or re-designing your company’s website – consider the investment you are making in your brand, the added value you are providing to your customers and what that is worth to your business. Certainly your website deserves more attention than your 16 year old nephew can provide.

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