As an outdoor marketing agency, we stand by the statement that “your website is the cornerstone of your brand” and that your website is the single-most important element in your marketing toolbox. That doesn’t mean, though, that your website is the ONLY important part of your brand.

Often, we’re approached by prospective clients who are either looking to have us design and develop a website for their new product or have us redesign their existing website. Some have marketing collateral needs such as their identity package or brochure collateral. Maybe they also want us to help them develop a social presence, because they’ve struggled there.

Unfortunately, many new clients see their company logo as a side thought or necessary evil to accomplish the other projects. With the importance of a website a given, listen carefully:

Your company logo is an extremely important part of your brand.

How Can My Logo Be That Important?

Logos create brand recognition. When people can spot your brand at a glance, it builds trust: “If others are using your products, I should too!”

Recently, I came across a collection of logos that had the name of the brand removed. With the exception of one company I had never heard of before (Chupa Chupas), I was able to immediately identify them all. Here are 4 of these logos:

Highlight the black boxes below to see if you recognized them all correctly.
1-Coca Cola  2-Mastercard  3-Levis  4-Kodak

Why Do Design Agencies Charge So Much for Such a Small Image?

Firstly, logos are rarely, if ever, the most expensive part of brand construction. Yes, it is a small image, but the importance of the logo plays a huge role in pricing.

If an agency can create you a logo that is immediately recognizeable and that translates to a few hundred thousand dollars in sales, then the logo is worth more to you than $10. If the logo grabs the attention of an international market (that’s a lot of companies to compete with), then why shouldn’t the agency be compensated?

In addition, the logo will be used more than any other piece of marketing material (on your website, letterhead, business cards, the list goes on…), so it just makes sense that the agency be rewarded for your success.

Of course if you have a logo design project you’d like to discuss with an experienced team of Orlando logo designers – give this Orlando advertising agency a shout. We’d love to show you what we’ve done for others and how we can make your brand stand apart!

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