Jay Rieckmann

Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder

Jay co-founded Thrive in 1994. But what makes Jay great at what he does? Is it the time he spent in the hospitality industry? Or is it the experience he gained as wholesale manager for Panama Jack Suncare? Sales rep for Aloe Up Suncare? Or maybe the countless hours he spends on the water chasing tarpon? It could be the 25+ years of experience as the Leader of Thrive.

More likely it’s a combination of all of these things that makes Jay who he is and why he is known for his integrity, honesty and passion for the outdoors and marketing. Jay brings a wealth experience, brand & digital strategy to every Thrive client.

When Jay’s not at the helm of Thrive, you can find him in his skiff in Mosquito Lagoon, wading the flats of the Indian River, surfing the local beaches or traveling. If you can find him…