Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Healthy Habitats. Healthy Fisheries. Healthy Brand.

A Healthy Marketing Plan for Fishing Conservationists

With a focus on Florida - specifically the Florida Keys - Bonefish & Tarpon Trust is on a mission to conserve the fisheries that are home to some of Florida's most popular fish species, bonefish, tarpon, and permit. Their motto "Stewardship Through Science" embodies the dedication to protecting these fish with hard data and real numbers, proving that these fisheries are in danger and need to be conserved.

By partnering with BTT, we’ve been able to support a cause we truly believe in while giving the non-profit a modern look - one that exudes seriousness about the cause while mixing in a fun atmosphere. From tweaking the logo to building a new website from the ground up to new print materials, we've positioned Bonefish & Tarpon Trust as the conservation agency for Florida's fisheries. 

bonefish & tarpon trust website design

bonefish tarpon trust brand design

Healthy Fisheries, an Unhealthy Brand...

When we approached BTT, they had an outdated website design built on a content management system that was failing them - both in reaching an audience and literally falling apart. On top of that, their website, merchandise, brochures, and other print materials were inconsistent. We got in touch at just the right time!

Because we already knew a lot about what BTT wants to accomplish, we were able to jump right into offering our recreational fishing industry marketing services, updating their logo and rebuilding their site on Drupal. Now, BTT has a brand that looks fresh and modern, a website that's great at collecting donations and signing up members, and print materials that sell the mission offline as well as their online presence!

Thanks for all the hard work guys. Overall, the site looks really great. You guys did an amazing job pulling it together on short notice.

Alex Lovett-Woodum- Director of Development & Communications, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust

bonefish and tarpon trust brand audit

Laying a Foundation with a Brand Audit

The first step in our signature process, WAYPOINT, is the Discovery phase. When we begin talking brand strategy with a new Client, we want to know where we already stand. That's exactly what we did with BTT by starting off with a Brand Audit.

By taking inventory of what Bonefish & Tarpon Trust already had as far as web, print, social, and brand strategy, we were able to compile a plan - or prescription, if you will - for what needed to happen going forward. As BTT would do with a new fishery, we took a look at what we were working with so we can appropriately build a brand strategy.

bonefish tarpon trust logo cleanup and identity design

A New Spin on a Classic Logo

BTT's logo is very widely recognized and already on hundreds of boats, cars, name it! For this reason, we didn't want to change much, but it did need a little bit of a sprucing up - especially the color palette. We cleaned up the existing logo and introduced a new color standard for the overall brand, which supports their target audience, matches the new brand tone, and aligns with the new collateral we've developed.

Logistics: Business Cards, Envelopes, and Letterhead

Every company needs a core set of print materials including business cards, envelopes, and letterhead. BTT isn't exempt from needing these just because they're a non-profit. In fact, you could say these were even more important than usual!

The old collateral was beyond disrepair, so we started anew, redesigning each piece with the new logo, new color scheme, and marrying up the whole thing with the new website.

bonefish & tarpon trust identity design

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