Adobe Decides Future of Mobile Flash Usage

Written on July 2, 2012

Adobe Decides Future of Mobile Flash UsageAccording to a recent article on Mashable, Adobe gave everyone yet another reason to continue moving toward an HTML5-rich future and has officially declined to support Flash Player on Android 4.1 and later mobile devices.

As of August 15, 2012, Adobe will no longer offer the Flash Player plugin from the Google Play store and recommends that users that have upgraded to Android 4.1 uninstall the browser plugin.

While Adobe is one of our favorite companies, we at FliteHaus have long abandoned the notion that rich-media content on the web needs to be achieved through the use of Flash. It seems that Adobe knows that this is the case as well and has joined the pledge to help develop a modern web that utilizes HTML5 for rich content.

It started with Steve Jobs' refusal to support Flash and seems that everyone, even the creators of Flash Player, has decided to officially close the doors on its use for mobile devices.

The full story can be read at Mashable here: